Kennedy, (2015). Parsing the Practice of Teaching

Back to the brilliant Mary Kennedy, who argues that organising teacher education around techniques is wrong and leads to their misapplication – we should organise around persistent problems teachers face.

Teachers face five persistent challenges. The first four:Kennedy c 1.png

Kennedy c 2.png

Kennedy c 3.pngKennedy c 4.png

Fifth, teachers have to solve the preceding four problems while accommodating personal needs (This feels like a more coherent way of looking at what teacher wellbeing is and why it’s a challenge).

Kennedy c 6.png

If a teacher failed to do any of these, they wouldn’t be teaching:

Kennedy c 5.png

More troublingly, when teachers try to solve one problem they can exacerbate another.

Kennedy c 7.png

We organise study around solutions, not problems – that’s a problem too…

Kennedy c 8.png

So this is what new teachers need to learn:

Kennedy c 9.png

Kennedy, M. (2015). Parsing the Practice of Teaching. Journal of Teacher Education, 67(1), pp.6-17.

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