Nonaka, (1991) The Knowledge-Creating Company

A classic article on how to create and mobilise knowledge within a company, which, if you can get over the business jargon, is extremely interesting.

There’s more to it than just collecting explicit knowledge and processing:Nonaka 1.png

Knowledge mobilisation is not just something for the Research and Development team: everyone does it:Nonaka 2.png

Here’s the process: apprenticeship to gain tacit knowledge, articulation of that knowledge explicitly, codification of that knowledge, and then its internalisation (return to tacit knowledge):

Nonaka 5.png

This can also be shown (from another paper (see references below)) through this diagram and description:Nonaka c 1.pngNonaka b 3.png

We have to start with tacit knowledge – what people know, but may not be able to say, about their work.Nonaka 3.png

Redundancy – embracing an overlap of functions and working them through – really helps this:Nonaka 6.png

Managers should be able to help employees make sense of their experiences:

Nonaka 7.png

Nonaka, I. (1991). The Knowledge-Creating Company.  Harvard Business Review.

See also:

Nonaka, I., Takeuchi, H. and Umemoto, K. (1996) ‘A theory of organizational knowledge creation’, Int. J. Technology Management, Special Issue on Unlearning and Learning for Technological Innovation Vol. 11, Nos. 718, pp.833-845.

NONAKA, I., TOYAMA R.&KONNO N. (2002) SECI, Ba and Leadership: a unified model of dynamic knowledge creation, in: S. LITTLE, P. QUINTAS & T. RAY (Eds) Managing Knowledge (London, Sage).

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