Hume et al., (2018) Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses

This is a really interesting (long) summary of the work of @B_I_Tweets in further education & adult literacy. A few things stand out

The limited impact of a values affirmation among FE students (that is, encouraging learners to affirm their own values in a new context; has worked in schools in the US).ASK 2.png

The limited impact of a grit intervention among FE students (possibly attributable to high attrition from the study).

ASK 3.png

Strong impact of texting nominated study supporters on students’ attendance and results.ASK 4.png

GCSEs really helps you get job interviews; functional skills and volunteering don’t seem to make a difference.

ASK 6.png

This gem (about adult education) is a pretty concise explanation for why many students at any age don’t study hard.ASK 5.png

Most literacy/numeracy interventions in the workplace received tiny responses: except where literacy/numeracy was mandatory/essential for promotion (army, hospitals) where behavioural psychology made little difference.ASK 8.pngASK 7.pngASK 9.png

Hume, S., O’Reilly, F., Groot, B., Chande, R., Sanders, M., Hollingsworth, A., Ter Meer, J., Barnes, J., Booth, S., Kozman E., Soon, X. (2018). Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses: insights from behavioural research Research and project report. Department for Education.


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